Pro-X Pro-DCF LAN HDV Flatscreen
Mirror-Screen ST-AV-HS ST-GS Polarizer 3D Glasses
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Screen-Tech is manufacturer of front and rear projection screens, as well as front surface mirrors, 3D glasses and polarizer filter
Our projector screens are recyclable and thus contribute to environmental protection.

ST-Pro-X, rear projection screens with micro lenses, super bright and for all projection applications the best solution, passive 3D and 2D
ST-Pro-DCF, for high resolution back projections in smaller sizes, 1 mm thick acrylic glass, passive 3D and 2D
ST-Pro-Trans, clear transparent projector screen with holographic see through effect, passive 3D and 2D
ST-LAN, self adhesive projection screens from roll, universally use, front and rear projection, passive 3D and 2D
ST-HDV, reference front projection screen, rigid, titanium dioxide white, 2D
ST-AV-HS, front surface foil projection mirror, stretched over frame, passive 3D and 2D
ST-GS, front surface glass projection reflector, wet washable, passive 3D and 2D
Polarizer, linear and circular polarization filter, film, acrylic or glass
3D-Glasses, linear or circular 3D glasses, paper or plastic for stereo projection