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ST-LAN - new generation of unique adhesive projection screen film with maximum brightness and neutral colors, even for passive 3D. High gain and high contrast film for front and rear projection.

ST-LAN collection of self-adhesive sticky front and rear projection film which can adhere on all smooth surfaces, such as hardboard, glass, plastics ... The foils are very durable, have matte finishes and can use inside as well as outside.

The film is supplied in roll width and can be easily cut itself with a cutter, or scissors. The optical properties of the film are optimized for various specific applications and let other screens "pale" look.

ST-LAN - the new generation of unique sticky projector screen materials.
Product Overview:

best for standard rear projections
best for passive 3D rear projection in bright environments
best neutral projector screen
best for passive 3D front projection

projection foil, self adhesive

passive 3D rear projection film, adhesive

ST-LAN-R, shop window projection screen film

rear projection film, 3D ready

window projection film touch screen

home theater projection screen

high gain front projection film

front projection screen film adhesive