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ST-LAN-S is a self adhesive high contrast front projector screen, best in bright environments such as home cinema, exhibitions, events. Is brighter than any standard white fabrics, offers neutral color and high resolution for full HD / 4K and strong contrast. Uniform light distribution, no hot spot and no structure.

This new projection film has a non-reflective surface is resistant to scratches and most solvents. End with faded colors and projection looks like a flatscreen. Get the most out of your projector and see a picture that so far has not been possible.

Mount vertically side by side in 48 inch width for better horizontal viewing cone - the seam is practically invisible. Easy self cutting.

Product Overview:

best for standard rear projection
best for passive 3D rear projection in bright environments
best neutral projector screen
home cinema projection screen, high contrast
best for passive 3D front projection

home cinema projection screen, high contrast