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ST-HDV is one of us developed and patented rigid acrylic glass front projection screen. This plexiglas screen is suitable for home cinema screens, theatre screen and applications with ultra short throw projectors. Flexible projection fabrics cannot reach the same quality. Active 3D ready and as video wall fixed frame

Perfect flatness and non-reflective surfaces are perfect for rugged applications as touch screen, floor projection, home cinema, rent and exhibition. Both sides are same and for use, scratch-proof, washable, 10 years warranty.

The fine-matte surfaces are durable, free of structure, sparkle, crease or bumps. Can also be mounted frameless. For training, conference, home theater, fairs, museums, HDTV. . . Especially for ultra-short throw projectors!

Rigid Acrylic Glass Front Projection Screen

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Short Throw Projector Screen

active 3D projection screen

floor projection screen

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SANYO floor projection screen

SANYO projector screen

floor projection screens

home cinema screen, rigid

backlight projection screen panel

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fixed frame projection screen

video wall front projection screen

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touch projection screen

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