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ST-Pro-Trans - clear transparent acrylic glass effect projection screen with holographic effect - not only a laminated foil

holoscreen, holo screen holographic screen holografische transparente Projektionsscheibe

ST-Pro-X - ultimative acrylic glass REAR projection screen - extremely bright with micro lenses, no hot-spot

rear projection screen, acrylic glass projection screen 3D rear projector screen for cave and simulator high gain no hot-spot Rückprojektionsscheiben für 3D Simulatoren

ST-Mirror-Screen - mirror display for all tv screen or optionaly for rear projection

rear projection mirror screen mirror-display for monitor iMac mirror screen

ST-Pro-DCF - acrylic glass REAR projection screen - dark inted for high resolution and contrast, no hot-spot

black projection screen 3D acrylic projector screen schwarze Rückprojektionsscheibe mit extremer Schärfe und hohem Kontrast

ST-HDV - acrylic glass FRONT projection screen - the only one reference quality with titanium dioxide white

acrylic glass touch table screen projection screen ultra short throw projector home cinema screen Heimkino Leinwand aus Acrylglas

ST-Flatscreen - rigid FRONT projection screen - extremely bright and robust

ST-Flatscreen rigid front projection screen ST-Flatscreen high gain hard front projector screen ST-Flatscreen starre Aufprojektionsscheibe

ST-LAN - self adhesive FRONT and REAR projection foils in 5 different types

self adhesive front projection foil home cinema 3D front projection foil sticky screen3D Flatscreen starre Rahmenleinwand

ST-Mirror - optical projection mirrors in foil or glass

Glass projection mirror, optical front surface reflector Glass projection mirror, optical first front surface reflectors optische Glasspiegel, Folienspiegel, Oberflächenspiegel, Umlenkspiegel Projektion

Polarizer - polarizer filter film, polarizing film sheets, linear or circular

polarizing film, polarization filter, 3D projection, linear, circular Polarisationsfolie, linear, zirkular polarizing film filter, linear, circular

ST-3D Glasses - 3D polarizer glasses, circular, linear or anaglyph

3D polarizer glasses, paper, cardboard, linear, circular, anaglyph polarized 3d glasses, plastic black,  fixed ironing, linear, circular 3D polarizer glasses, plastic black,  folding frame, linear, circular, reald

3D polarizer glasses, plastic black, folding frame, linear, circular, reald 3D Brille Terminator Style, zirkular, linear Klappbügel 3D Brille anaglypyh, Kunststoff schwarz, Gläser Acrylglas, rot cyan, Klappbügel