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Price calculator and screen aspect ratio yard Meter yards mm cm m km yd in mi Längeneinheiten Inch Zoll Zentimeter Centimeter Foot Meter Kilometer, Miles, 16:9 format overview. Calculate screen dimensions from diagonal measurement and aspect ratio in INCH: Diagonal Width Height Aspect Ratio square5:44:33:216:1016:91.852.35 Einheit Zahl ZentimeterMeterKilometerInchFootYardMile Zentimeter cm Meter m Kilometer km Inch " = Zoll Foot ' ft = Fuß Yard yd = Yard Mile mi = Meilen Projection Screens: ST-Pro-X, 3 mm, bis 203 x 305 cm, rear ST-HDV, 3 mm, bis 203 x 305 cm, front ST-Flatscreen, 20 mm, bis 150 x 305 cm, front ST-Mirror-Screen, 35 mm, TV cover or rear All custom sizes up to 600 cm x 200 cm Stock items in 3 mm thickness: up to 105 x 85 cm Available on requestup to 270 x 180 cm Stock items in 6 mm thickness: up to 133 x 88 cm Available on request up to 270 x 180 cm ST-AV-HS - foil mirror ST-GS - glass mirror